Dough Bowls

What is a Dough Bowl? 

Our bowls are hand-carved wooden bowls. These range in length from 10" to 30". Each one is unique, yet uniform. They're uniform because we make them in such a way that the size and shape are consistent. Yet, they're unique because each shows its own beautiful variation of wood grain. 

After the basic shape of the bowl is carved, we sand each side and the interior to give it a great feel in your hands. Then, we put the finishing touches on with stain, polyurethane, flame retardant and our own wood brand. 

Now, the bowl is ready to be made into a candle. 

Why choose a Dough Bowl? 

With the wide open design and low profile, our bowls give an incredibly illuminating glow in any space. Our 10" bowls boast a three wick design. Each wick is a 1" whispering wooden wick. Our 20" bowl boast 5 whispering wood-wicks and the 30" design offers 9 wicks. W ith each dough bowl, you get a beautiful glow to brighten your space. 

Our dough bowl candles also provide an incredible fragrance throw. Because of the design, they make the perfect center piece or focal piece in your space. A single 10" bowl can beautifully fragrance a medium to large size space. 

How to care for your Dough Bowl Candle

Burn within sight. Keep away from things that catch fire. Keep away from children and pets. Burn on heat resistant surface. Trim the wicks to 1/8' before each use. Wood wicks can easily be trimmed by using your fingers to pinch off black debris before lighting. Remove loose debris before each lighting. Avoid using in drafty areas. Do not extinguish with lid or water. Stop burning when 1/8" unmelted wax remains.

After you burn your entire candle, you can either clean it out and use the bowl around your home, or send it in for a refill. 

To clean it out, simply heat remaining wax with hairdryer or heat gun. Wipe with a clean paper towel. Wipe remaining wax residue with rubbing alcohol. 

To get your bowl refilled, simply make a selection below. When you do, you'll receive a detailed email for how to send it back. You can choose any fragrance for your refill.